The Clover Infopage is dedicated to the band Clover (1967-1978). Clover were a band that should have had more success because their music was good but sometimes things don't work out the way they should, and Clover's timing wasn't always the best. For many years you could hear different stories about who Clover were, what kind of music they made etc. This website tries to separate right from wrong and present Clover's story.

Clover are still remembered by many fans because of the fun being had during their time and the musicianship within Clover. When Clover disbanded the members went on to form or play in bands known by many music lovers. Alex Call started a solo career and wrote hits for many artists, Huey Lewis and Sean Hopper formed Huey Lewis and the News, John McFee joined the Doobie Brothers, Micky Shine played with Tommy Tutone and Johnny Ciambotti played in Lucinda Williams' band for many years. Subsequently people who are interested in the bands mentioned above, keep asking about Clover's original music and want to listen to it.

For over 25 years this turned out to be extremely difficult because no label wanted to release Clover's music on CD. This changed for the first time November 2003/October 2004 when Cherry Red Music released Clover's UK albums 'Unavailable' and 'Love On The Wire' on CD. These albums became unavailable again for a short time in 2012 - because Cherry Red had sold all their copies - but since BGO Records released both albums digitally remastered and slipcased in May 2013 they are available again. Also, in 2006 Clover/Sonic Past Music released 'The Sound City Sessions' which date from 1975 and were remixed by John McFee and Clover's Fantasy albums became available again after four decades on one CD through Real Gone Music in 2012.

It is wonderful to see all of Clover's albums out there again - because what good is music if people cannot listen to it.

Please use this website to learn more about Clover, enjoy their music when you can and support the former Clover members in whatever they do musically today - because we don't want to get stuck in the same old thing, do we?

Stephan Petersen


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