Other Appearances

The list underneath contains a selection of albums on which Clover's members also played. The list is not complete but the most 'essential' recordings are listed. The second list contains artists who covered Clover songs.

Janey and Dennis

1970 - Janey & Dennis - Janey & Dennis

LP: Reprise Records/ RS6414 (US 1970)

This album by Janey Schramm and Dennis Pereca features arrangements by composer Ed Bogas and pedal steel guitar by John McFee.

Back Home Again

1970 - Back Home Again - Norman Greenbaum

CD: Edsel Records #EDCD 470 (GB 1996)*

Songs: Back Home Again/Rhode Island Red/Canned Ham/Titfield Thunder/Miss Fancy/Lucille Got Stealed/Circulate/Hook And Ladder/Damper/I.J.Foxx

The album "Back Home Again" was recorded in San Francisco and released in 1970. John McFee then of Clover plays steel guitar on this one.

* The re-released CD contains two Greenbaum albums. The other album is "Spirit In The Sky". It features Greenbaum's only big hit of the same name.

David Wiffen

1971 - David Wiffen - David Wiffen

LP: Fantasy (US 1971)
CD: Akarma, AK097CD (US 2000)

This album by Canadian folk singer David Wiffen features arrangements by composer Ed Bogas and guitar by John McFee.

Tupelo Honey

1971 - Tupelo Honey - Van Morrison

LP: Warner # 1950 (US 1971)

John McFee plays pedal steel on this album which went Gold 12/13/77.

Saint Dominic's Preview

1972 - Saint Dominic's Preview - Van Morrison

LP: Warner (US 1972)

John McFee plays pedal steel on this album, too.

Mars Hotel

1974 - From The Mars Hotel - Greatful Dead

LP: GD # 102 (US 1974), #59302 (GB/Germany 1974)

John McFee plays pedal steel on "Pride Of Cucamonga".

Fly Like An Eagle

1976 - Fly Like An Eagle - Steve Miller

LP: Capitol #11497 (US 1976)

John McFee plays dobro on "Dance, Dance, Dance". The album went Gold 7/28/76 and Platinum 9/27/76.

My Aim Is True

1977 - My Aim Is True - Elvis Costello

LP: Stiff Seez 3 (GB 1977)
LP/CD: Demon Records IMR Records #Fiend 13 (GB 1986)
CD: Demon Records #DPAM1 (GB 1993)*

Songs: Welcome To The Working Week/Miracle Man/No Dancing/Blame It On Cain/Alison/Sneaky Feelings/Red Shoes/Less Than Zero/Mystery Dance/Pay It Back/I'm Not Angry/Waiting For The End Of The World

Line-up: Elvis Costello - guitar, vocals; John McFee - guitar, pedal steel; Sean Hopper - piano, organs; Johnny Ciambotti - bass; Micky Shine - drums; E.C., Nick Lowe, Sean Hopper and Johnny Ciambotti - backing vocals

Except: "Mistery Dance" - Nick Lowe - bass; Elvis and Nick - piano and drumstick -- "Less Than Zero" - Stan Shaw - organ

* This 'remastered' CD contains 10 bonus tracks. Clover are featured on two of them - "Radio Sweetheart" and "Stranger In The House".

Clover appeared as the backing band - without Huey Lewis - performing under name of the Shamrocks. Due to contractual reasons Clover's name could not be credited back in 1977. The LP reached UK Top 20.

Please Get My Name Right

1977 - Please Get My Name Right - Twiggy

LP: Mercury #6310021 (GB 1977)

Songs: Rings/I Hope We Get To Love In Time/Cooking School/I'll Be Doggone/I Lie Awake And Dream Of You/Fish In The Sea/My Town/Brown Shoes/You've Got Me To Hold On To/I Love Us/Everything Falls Into Place/20/20 Hindsight/Please Get My Name Right

Line-up: Twiggy - lead vocals; Micky Shine - drums & percussion; Johnny Ciambotty - bass; Sean Hopper - keyboards; Huey Louis - harmonica; Alex Call - acoustic/guitar; John McFee - steel guitar, electric guitar, mandolin & violin solo on "I Hope We ..."

Recorded at: Phonogram, Hilversum

Lovin' In The Valley Of The Moon

1977 - Lovin' In The Valley Of The Moon - Norton Buffalo

LP: Capitol #1C 064-85 169/#EST 11625 (Germany/GB 1977)
CD: Edsel Records/Demon Records #EDCD 431 (GB 1995)

Songs: (1) Lovin' In The Valley Of The Moon */(2) One Kiss To Say Goodbye/(3)Ghetto Hotel/(4) Nobody Wants Me/(5) Puerto De Azul */(6) Hangin' Tree/(7) Another Day/(8) Rosalie/(9)The Jig Is Up */(10) Eighteen Whells/(11) Sea Of Key**

* co-written by J. McFee, ** written by J. McFee
John McFee pedal steel guitar/violin on 1/5/9/11
Johnny Ciambotti bass on 4
Sean Hopper upright bass (!) on 11 (instrumental)


1977 - Talkin' Turkey - George Hatcher Band

LP: UA #30090 (GB 1977)

Songs: Sweet Little Rocker/Black Moon Rising/Forty Ford/The Cadilliac/Ten Years On/Lousiana Sheriff/I Can't Believe It/Magic Thing/I'm Calling/Talking Turkey

Huey Lewis - harmonica; John McFee - steel on this one - they are credited as Huey Harp and John McSteel. Album was recorded at Wessex Studios, March-May 1977.

Live and Dangerous

1978 - Live and Dangerous - Thin Lizzy

LP: Vertigo #6641810 (GB 1978)
CD: Vertigo #838030-2 (GB 19??)

'Bluesy' Huey Lewis plays harmonica on "Baby Drives Me Crazy".
Clover was the guest group on Thin Lizzy's "Johnnie The Fox" Tour 1976.
Venue: Hammersmith Odeon, King Street, London W6
Dates: Sunday 14th, Monday 15th, Tuesday 16th November

Additional info: The CD credits of the Thin Lizzy double CD 'LIFE/LIVE' also list Clover as support band but the CD set doesn't contain any Clover appearances.

The Day The Earth Caught Fire

1979 - The Day The Earth Caught Fire - City Boy

LP: Vertigo #9102036 (GB 1979), #6360173 (Germany 1979)
CD: Bear Tracks #BTCD 979 419 (Germany 1993)

Huey Lewis plays harmonica on the song 'It's Only The End Of The World'. The album was produced by Robert John Lange.

Repeat When Necessary

1979 - Repeat When Necessary - Dave Edmunds

LP: Swan Song # SS8570 (GB 1979)

Huey Lewis plays harmonica on 'Bad Is Bad' - a song written by Clover (Lewis/Call/Ciambotti/Hopper/McFee/Schreiner). Huey later recorded this song with his own band the News for their 1983 breakthrough album Sports. Clover never recorded this song, although demos might exist.

Labour Of Lust

1979 - Labour Of Lust - Nick Lowe

LP: Radar RAD #21 (GB 1979)
CD: Fiend #182 (GB 1991)

Huey Lewis plays harmonica on 'Born Fighter'.

Black Rose

1979 - Black Rose - Thin Lizzy

LP: Vertigo 9102 032 (GB 1979)
CD: Vertigo 830 3922 (GB 19??)

Huey Lewis plays harmonica on 'With Love' and 'Sara'.

Musical Shapes/Blue Nun

1980 - Musical Shapes - Carlene Carter

LP: F-Beat #LP-13 (GB 1980)
CD: Demon Records #Fiend CD 703 (GB 1991)*

Clover backing on "Ring of Fire" and "Too Proud".

Line-up: Carlene Carter - Piano, John McFee - guitar, Johnny Ciambotti - bass, Sean Hopper - organs, Kevin Wells - drums

* The re-released CD contains two albums - Mucial Shapes and Blue Nun.

Greatest Hits

1980 - Marcus David's Greatest Hits - Marcus David

LP: Line Records #LSLP 4004 (Germany 1980)
CD: Line Records #LICD 9.00757 L (Germany 1991)

Songs: Keep On Runnin'/Fortune Teller/You Better Run*/Catch Us If You Can**/Call Me Honey/Too Much To Dream***

* Sean Hopper - keyboards
** Huey Lewis - lead vocals/harmonica, Kevin Wells - background vocals
*** John McFee - pedal steel, Johnny Ciambotti - bass

The Wilderness Years

1991/1977 - The Wilderness Years - Nick Lowe

CD: Demon Records #Fiend CD 203 (GB 1991)

This record contains demos, work tapes ... produced between 1974 and 1977. One song, "Rollers Show", features Clover.

Nick: Following the baffling success of "Rollers We Love You" in Japan I was approached to do an LP of Tartan Horde for release in that territory. This was the least worst. Not to blame are the members of Clover - the group who backed Elvis Costello on "My Aim Is True", and who play on this. The tapes of the rest of the Tartan Horde "album" have been lost.


Carlene Carter

1978 - Carlene Carter - Carlene Carter

LP: Warner Brothers #WB 56502 (GB 1978)

On her debut album Carlene Carter covered two songs from Clover's second album "Fourty Niner" - "Love Is Gone" and "Mr. Moon" - both written by Alex Call.

In an interview held in the summer of 1978 and published in Dark Star Magazine No. 19, March 1979 Carlene explains how these two songs got on the record:

Carlene Carter: They came from Brinsley and Bob Andrews. They played me Clover's stuff and I really liked it. Martin Belmont, Brinsley, Bob and myself all sat down in a hotel room with loads of material and listened to everything and picked out our favourites, then we went into the studio and played them to Andrew Bodnar and Steve Goulding and we all had to agree on a song before we ended up doing it. I'm going to have to meet these Clover boys sometime. I'll tell you, I've heard so many stories about them, especially Johnny Ciambotti, from Nick Lowe, and Nick said if I ever wanted a good-looking guy in my band I should get Alex Call. So I want to see what he looks like 'cause if Nick Lowe says he's good-looking, he's bound to be just beautiful; but I'd really never heard of them until Brinsley and the boys kept telling me about them.

Dark Star magazine added that Carlene eventually met Clover to the effect that she was rehearsing for an American tour backed up by John McFee, Johnny Ciambotti, Sean Hopper and Kevin Wells; the plan being to tour in the early months of 1979, then go into the studio to record her second album in April. Well, the album was called 'Musical Shapes' - just take a look at the entry above.

The Village Voice

1983 - The Village Voice - Ian Gomm

LP: Albion #102 (GB 1983)
CD: Line Records #LICD 9.00016 O (Germany 19??)

On his third solo album Ian Gomm cut a great cover version of "Love Is Gone".

Tribute To ...

1993 - Tribute to the music of Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys -
Asleep At The Wheel

CD: Liberty Records #CDP-0777-7-81470-2-2 (U.S. 1993)

This tribute album features Huey Lewis on "Hubbin' It" and "Ida Red". You may ask yourself what this album has to do with Clover - Ray Benson will tell you.

Ray Benson:Of all the featured vocalists, Huey Lewis might be the one some people would have trouble connecting with a western swing project. Well, 23 years ago, I met Huey when we used to play around the San Francisco Bay Area. He was with the band Clover back then and they did this song as one of their tunes. Although Alex Call would do the vocals on this song for Clover, I asked Huey if he would sing it on this tribute album. He flew down to Austin and we had a ball recording this. The song was originally done by the Wills band while recording for MGM. "Hubbin' It" is "cowboy" western swing at its best. So ... folks the C&W debut of Huey Lewis And The Wheel!!!


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