Live At The Paradiso - liner notes by Alex Call:

Clover played the Paradiso in Amsterdam on the last night of our tour with Graham Parker and the Rumour in 1977. We had played all over England and finished with shows in Paris, Brussels, and then the Paradiso. In Paris we played a converted roller rink and were booed by the audience. Huey challenged them to fight and then we trashed the stage, knocking over all out amps and microphones; that was a fun night! Clover was at the height of our accomplishment as a band at the end of that tour, but we would soon lose our record deal with Phonogram and the band would break up. Our last gig was in March of '78. So the show at the Paradiso sums up our years as a band and our European experience. We learned a lot about performing during our time across the pond. Because of that, we all went on to much greater success post-Clover. It's too bad that we didn't have a couple of hit singles to leave as a legacy, but that's the way it goes!

In this live concert, you can hear the strong harmonica lines that Huey employed so well in the News. John McFee's guitar playing is incredible - as it always has been. Our ensemble singing is good as well (Chain Gang) - a Clover trademark that Huey used in the News as well. I wish we had slowed down the tempos on most of the songs; I guess we were trying to keep people's interest by playing fast.

I remember ripping up my gig shirt after the set at the Paradiso. Actually, it was rayon and wouldn’t rip, so I cut it up with Johnny Ciambotti's pocket knife. We had quite a few drinks with the Rumour, a couple of hotel rooms were trashed, and we left for the ferry the next morning pretty hungover but satisfied with the way the tour went. See you later, Amsterdam; see you later, Clover!


Alex Call, April 3rd 2006


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