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I have a question.Please tell me.I bought Sound City Sessions these days.When I listened PECOS BILL ,there are two times of noises.Is this caused by mastertape?
(27.06.2010 16:35:42)

Lisa Schott:
Johnny's death was sudden, came home Saturday with stomach flu, in bed sick over weekend, Monday morning was sick to his stomach and lost a lot of blood as something "broke" inside when he threw up, we went to hospital, and he passed away at 1:09 a.m. that Wednesday morning. He had knee surgery last December and it was bad job, and his health had not been good since then due to constant, relentless pain. So, the comfort is that he is now out of pain, and definately in a better place. But, we all miss him so very, very much here. This was a better place while Johnny was with us. Love you so much, Johnny! Always will.
(07.05.2010 18:07:10)

Kim Rowley:
Very sorry to hear the news about John.
(27.04.2010 19:20:37)

Just found this site and just hearing about John.. It is hard to believe that the $1.00 Monday nights at Lion's Share was almost 40 years ago..
(25.04.2010 23:36:41)

Clyde Fletcher:
(I'll spell check next time), but you get the drift.
(01.04.2010 04:29:50)

Clyde Fletcher:
I spent many a fine night rocking and reeling, laughing and dancing to the memorableeee tunes of John Ciambotti, John, Alex, and Mitch (etc.) at America's greatest venues (Brown's Hall, Pepperland and the Lyon's Share, for those wweren'tn't there.). Their contribution to Marin County, hell, the world, has been and is beyond comprehension. literally. The world is less with out John Ciambotti. Thanks for all the good times! R.I.P.
(01.04.2010 04:26:26)

Lisa Schott:
Johnny, my husband, my best friend, my world, this past 10 years was much too short, be at peace.
(29.03.2010 20:21:22)

Ernie Stires:
The news about John Ciambotti hit me hard, seems like only yesterday out at Muir Beach and Browns Hall. Truly one of the Greats. God Speed John!
(27.03.2010 17:10:38)

Bob Moreci:
i threw gig for the group clover, at the Avenue theatre, in sf, san bruno ave. i have a poster with birth,clover, and would like to share.
(27.02.2010 21:30:32)

I was at both Thin Lizzy & Lynyrd Skynrd shows at the Glasgow Apollo. Both great shows. "On Harmonica Huey Lewis." I was trying to find a spot to suggest that Huey & the News should do a version of Lizzy's "Baby Drives me crazy". It is right up there street sound wise & they could pull it of. Plus it would be great to hear. RIP Phil Lynott!
(26.02.2010 02:22:08)

I saw Clover when they played at Oddfellows Hall in Mill Valley in around 76-77--it was quite memorable.They probably played there a few times.Does anyone remember those? Might anyone still have some old pics? Love the old pics of Clover concerts! Would love to see some in particular from Oddfellows Hall--if anyone still has any please post either here or on the Clover Facebook page! Thanks very much!!
(16.02.2010 10:42:07)

David Michael:
Thanks for being here!
(31.08.2009 02:09:25)

Alison Schember:
Wow, I didn't know this was here. I used to see Clover every Monday nite at the Lion's Share in San Anselmo. My best friend Joanne & I danced right in front of the stage for about 5 years! I happened to see Huey Lewis at the Ventura County Fair last Friday,and it got me reminiscing about all the GOOD times we all had!
(10.08.2009 22:56:24)

I worked on the road crew for the last leg of Clover's last tour. My brother-in-law got the job for me. I joined the tour as a member of the road crew in Bethlehem Pa and we toured the eastern mid-west and the northern east-coast. We played with Gary Wright, Dave Mason,Bob Welch, Elvin Bishop, and B.B. King.
(28.07.2009 06:30:31)

John Foyle:
Me 'n some other Elvis Costello fans are checking up on a early cover of his song 'Alison'. By one Barry Christian it was released in the U.K. in 1977. It was produced by Robert John "Mutt" Lange. Lange was then working with Clover and,of course, Clover had just worked with Elvis. Does anyone know if Clover appeared on the Barry Christian disc?
(26.07.2009 12:07:32)

Alex Call:
I am going to be making an inpromptu appearance at Peri's Saloon in Fairfax Ca on July 24..because Danny Montana runs the place and I'm visiting..clover songs? but my hits and nashville tuns.. early, 9 PM, one hour..see you there, Alex
(04.07.2009 15:17:22)

Ronald Lemley:
Hey I am always so glad to hear from regular people. I live in Peru and have been teaching in Taiwan for a year so I am somewhat artificially nostalgic for the old days.Hell I'd eat peanut butter at this point, but I surely do miss those old days in southern Marin. Bill Hybert is my young uncle and I got to slip in the side door of many concerts where he played. I was young and even managed to go to the Tavern Valentines Day Bash with Freedom Hyway/Greatful Dead where we all got dosed by Owlsley himself. Hi to Cal Mc Curdy if your out there as well as Tom Dreyer, my best friiend Geoff's little bro who could play guitar as well as anyone.Another amazing guy is old Mitch Stark who is modest and quiet but plays like Clapton. I'm glad to hear that the spirit of those times is still alive. I promise to smoke a j in your honor or pretend to since they'd probably kill for that here in Taiwan.
(23.06.2009 09:28:30)

salem a, bubaker:
Such a great discovery finding out about one of the great legends and/or? myths of rock era.. how come we haven't known Clover like we knew the Beatles? What a treasure of U.S. culture and folk history! Though i'm still looking forward to listen to my first track, but i'll try hard.
(21.05.2009 20:21:21)

John Graziano:
Hell yeah. Who remember River City in Fairfax? Graz #02.03.2009 21:47:24 Joe Hammons Heaven again! Great to see this. One of the best bands I've EVER seen.
(22.01.2009 21:26:16)

Ken Cole:
Hey, Clover/Flying circus. I'm the one that set up the parties at Brown's Hall and the Mill Valley Golf Course you played at for beer and some cash. "Goodtimes Inc". What a great time it was for all. I remeber going to your house at Muir Beach! Hope all is well. Ken Cole
(12.01.2009 21:34:05)

Priscilla Ely Warren:
Hey Clover guys! Whatever happened to Mitch Howie?? I hung around a lot with all of you, the Lion's Share days and gigs in the East Bay..I'm sure you remember "Sweet Priscilla"---
(03.01.2009 21:36:53)

Alex Call:
Hey folks..I wanted to pass the word that I have a new album, "Passion&Purpose", with my wife, Lisa Carrie..co-written and executively produced by Health Care innovative genius Quint Studer.. it's available right now at Studergroup.com..look for 'Passion & Purpose' on their site..I love this record..it's got a lot of what I've wanted to say on it, and great players and singers..we'll be out performing it around the country in the coming year..I'll put updates here and on myspace and facebook( alex call)..drop me a line here or at alcallhits@aol.com all the best to the extended Clover Family and all the folks who have supported us over the years! best, Alex
(20.11.2008 16:11:21)

Page Hodel:
please tell the band page hodel says hello. i was most friendly with john ciabbotti the bass player. if there is ever a reunion could you let me know. i would definitely come. i remember clover from marin in the early 70's.lions share.mill valley pepperland. omg..im old!!
(21.10.2008 10:35:51)

Marva Dawley (Campbell):
Hi, I finally retired from teaching, thought I'd be scooting around with Bruce, but that's a past thought. I miss him, to the tune of "scream". Funny, how you think everything will remain the same when you're working so hard and involved in day to day shit. I miss him every day, but now he's gone and now I have all this time on my hands..just went to Hot Poop in Walla Walla and purchased three tapes of Django Reinhart and Stephan Grapelli and they help me through the days. HELP!!!Marva
(18.10.2008 09:27:41)

Kim Rowley:
Saw Clover supporting Thin Lizzy at Bracknell in 1976. They were possibly the best support act I've seen. Went straight out and bought 'Unavailable', fell in love with their music and still play it now. 'I Lie Awake' was the song my wife and I danced to at our wedding reception. It's nice to see that the band is still remembered.
(25.07.2008 23:32:03)

Used to see Clover in Eureka, CA back in the day. I knew I had heard Huey Lewis voice somewhere before when I heard him on the radio!
(22.05.2008 03:03:45)

dennis black:
got the "new" record and downloaded the winterland concert(was that the one they played in their pjs?) all of a sudden i was 32 years younger. thanks to all responsible, especially the band. my 16 year old daughter heard the cd and said she is going to spend her free time this summer riding her mountain bike and "listening to clover". you guys still rock.
(19.04.2008 22:59:07)

There is a new dec 75 CLOVER show on wolfgangsvault.com..if you have not visited this site it is in your best interest to do so,haven't listened to it yet but will at home tonight...Love Love..russ
(09.04.2008 20:54:52)

tessa shillabeer:
my dads name was Rick shillabeer,he was a roadie back in the day.we had a "clover rolled me over sticker on our fridge when i was little and all the band spent time at my house in camden town London.there are pictures of me on hueys lap,however micky was a consistent friend.he lived in staten island then fairfax sf.now i believe he lives on a reservation somewhere.has sent me musical healing artwork when Rick passed in 93.would love to get in touch again.
(05.04.2008 07:34:20)

http://www.notdarkyet.org /tt-presidentsday.html including Mr. Moon - Clover - (1971) Elvis Costello is referred to in the latest of Bob Dylan's radio shows. In a two hour 'Presidents Day ' ( Feb.21'08 )themed show, Bob fills out the show with items he say he meant to feature before . The Clover track is from a disc that he 'found behind a box ' ( or words to that effect). Bob tells the tale about how Clover included Huey Lewis , went to England etc. He then jokes about how they were 'on the first Elvis album, there on Milk Cow Blues ( Elvis Presley Sun Records track)'. Bob chuckles and then says something like ' you know which Elvis I mean..' He seems to be playing a digital mix of the track, raising hopes that this presently vinyl-only track will appear in that format soon.
(18.02.2008 07:59:54)

Does anyone remember Bob Supree? He had an old copy of Clover's first LP and told me he hung out with the band when he lived at Muir Beach in the '60s. Bob claimed to have helped write one of the songs. Any info or memories??
(20.01.2008 00:55:12)

I use to live next door in Mill Valley. My Mom use to call the cops on them for playing the music too loud. It was funny when Lewis use to come over and say sorry. if I only knew..
(18.01.2008 06:33:06)

I grew up in southern and west Marin in the 60's. My favorite dances were at the Bolinas Community Center, the Muir Beach tavern and Brown's Hall. Mitch gave me a Clover bumper sticker in 1976, I was wondering if anyone has one of them for sale, I could made my own new one from memory, but it would be cool to find an original.
(12.01.2008 06:24:12)

russ milenbach:
HI again..just want to let everyone know the 2nd show is available to download at the Dime a Dozen website..hope this dose not offend anyone but Clover fans don't get a chance too often do they.Check it out..russ
(14.11.2007 01:02:46)

Just wanted to let Clover fans know I have two singles by Clover listed on eBay. They are Shotgun b/w Wade In The Water (1970) and Come b/w Monopoly (1971).
(11.11.2007 20:36:19)

russ milenbach:
HI all..I was at the second show last night and thought it was one of my all time greatest nights..at least in recent history.Was and am a huge Clover fan..hi Alex.and was so glad to hear Elvis acknowledge their influence and especially praise their part in his start.And then during the encores(many of them)he did MR. Moon followed by Love is Gone after a nice wish to Alex.Johns guitar was great,I always thought Red Shoes sounded like Clover and not the Byrds as Elvis mentioned.Anyway when John hit the steel guitar it was Deja Vu for me.Sean,Dr. John,and John..a big thanks.Pete Thomas on drums was great and it was like a house party with Elvis who was so warm.He's not "angry" any more.They ended with Peace,Love and Understanding after a two hour set..by all..maybe they will do another record someday(please)Only thing missing was Alex but he was deffinately celebrated as was Huey and Mickey.cheers.
(10.11.2007 02:31:29)

Ann (Thorpe) Pierson:
I will be going to the GAMH show! I am very happy to say that my sister Connie, and her husband Joe Breeze were also big Clover fans and are letting me tag along with them.
(01.11.2007 20:50:03)

holy crap, I can't wait to see you guys perform at the GAMH! This will be one of those show-of-a-lifetime experiences for me..
(26.10.2007 02:09:43)

Don Wieties was a perennial Clover Fan. There from the beginning. Don passed away in late September. I suppose this is an auspicious way to start the new guest book, but Don was a fan, and will be remembered as being a truly great guy. A memorial is being planned in Mill Valley for early November. Stay tuned. Godspeed, Don!
(08.10.2007 02:27:01)

Welcome to Clover's new guestbook. On top of this page you will find links to the guestbook entries we had in the previous guestbooks. Let's see if we can outlive this new guestbook provider as well ;)
(06.10.2007 12:06:17)


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