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 (Alex Call)

Alex Call

Lead Vocals,


Tiny Hearing Aid Company
 Further information can be found on the Bay Area Bands page or Alex's official website.


 (John McFee)

John McFee

Lead & Pedal Steel Guitars,

Violin ,


Tiny Hearing Aid Company
Doobie Brothers

Southern Pacific

 Biographical data can be found on John's Doobie Brothers page.


 (Johnny Ciambotti)

Johnny Ciambotti



Valley Boys

The Outfit

Tiny Hearing Aid Company

Job (Chiropractor)

session work for:
Elvis Costello,
John Prine, Carlene Carter,
Lucinda Williams

 The Ciambotti Tapes (Dark Star Magazine interview) and an article on The Outfit will give you more info about Johnny (--> Press Archive ).


 (Mitch Howie)

Mitch Howie

Tiny Hearing Aid Company
 Sorry, no further data available.


 (Huey Lewis)

Huey Lewis



Slippery Elm
Monday Night Live,

Huey Lewis & The News

  • Huey Lewis' Discography

  • Biographical data can be found on the HLN Today page.


  •  (Sean Hopper)

    Sean Hopper



    Hereford Hartstringers
    Monday Night Live,

    Huey Lewis & The News

  • Sean Hopper's Discography

  • Biographical data can be found on the HLN Today page.


  •  (Micky Shine)

    Micky Shine



    Tommy Tutone

    Burning Rome,

    session work

     More information can be found on Micky's web site:


     (Marcus David)

    Marcus David

    Jenny Take A Ride,

    Mighty Sons Of Adam,

    Skokie Survivors

    Nick Gravenites/Cipollina Band,

    Solo, Comic Colorist,

    Crash Willy, The Fat Guys Band

  • Marcus David's Discography

  • Marcus David interview @ Barry Flast's Artist Archives

    Marcus David was Clover's drummer in 1973/74 and 1977. He drummed on "Route '66" which was produced for Clover's 1977 Levi's jeans commercial. The song can be found on the 1986 'Best Of ...' album. You will get more info on Marcus if you follow the links given above.

  • Tony Braunagel
    Backstreet Crawler,

    Bonnie Raitt,

    Chris "Hammer" Smith,

    ...tons of sessions!

     Actually Tony only joined Clover for the recording of Clover's album 'Love on the Wire' - as a replacement drummer. He then left again. No further data available.

     (Kevin Wells)

    Kevin Wells

    5000 Volts
    Solo, Carlene Carter, John Prine,

    Jack Mack and the Heart Attack,

    Laura Branigan, Pablo Cruise

     Kevin was Clover's last drummer, but as a matter of fact Clover split up and Kevin didn't get much to do anyhow. You can hear him playing with Clover on the "Live at the Paradiso" CD though.

    Additional Clover Personnel:

  • Marcus Grossman and Kirk Harwood on drums when Mitch Howie left - before Micky Shine came to stay in 1975
  • Norton Buffalo: ex-Clover roadman (briefly), joining on harp and vocals


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