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Hard Road Hard Road Magazine
Volume 1 Number 1, July 20, 1970

Early article on Clover and Flying Circus
SFChronicle San Francisco Chronicle
December 30, 1972

Early article on Clover and Frank Biner
ZigZag62 ZigZag Magazine
No.62, July 1976

Dr. Fellgood/Nick Lowe and Clover - how they got together
ZigZag63 ZigZag Magazine
No.63, August 1976

Interview with John McFee and Hughie Louis
phonogram... news september 1976 phonogram ... news
September 1976

phonogram news introducing Clover
ThinLizzyTP Thin Lizzy Tour Programme
Johnny The Fox Tour 1976

Article on Clover
Number 5, December 1976

Catching up with Clover - the legendary San Francisco group re-discovered
DarkStar6 Dark Star Magazine
No. 6, December 1976

Article + interview with John, Huey and Johnny
ZigZag71 ZigZag Magazine
No.71, April 1977

Unavailable - album review
Sounds SOUNDS Magazine
April 9, 1977

Clover: more than just another West Coast band
phonogram... news may 1977 phonogram ... news
May 1977

phonogram news announcing "Unavailable" and "Love, Love"
ZigZag72 ZigZag Magazine
No.72, May 1977

Clover - Unavailable no longer
Phonogram Logos Phonogram/Mercury
Publicity Information
Summer, 1977

'a biography,' supporting the release of "Clover" in the U.S.
SFChronicle San Francisco Chronicle
June 12, 1977

In the Clover with Clover
BAM, August 1977 BAM
Issue No. 21, August 1977

Article on Clover from The Bay Area Music Magazine
phonogram... news november 1977 phonogram ... news
November 1977

phonogram news ... clover's history ... touring schedule ... new album ...
DarkStar14 Dark Star Magazine
No. 14, April 1978

The Ciambotti Tapes - Reel One

Interview with Johnny Ciambotti - Part One

Illinois Entertainer Illinois Entertainer
March 1978 Vol.2, No. 48

Frisco's Clover Is Still Alive ...

Article on Clover's US Tour, Love On The Wire, ...

-- NEW --
DarkStar15 Dark Star Magazine
No. 15, June 1978

The Ciambotti Tapes Reel Two

Interview with Johnny Ciambotti - Part Two

DarkStar16 Dark Star Magazine
No. 16, August 1978

The Ciambotti Tapes - Reel Three

Interview with Johnny Ciambotti - Part Three

Alex Call Alex Call
Arista Biography, 1983

Short Arista biography for Alex Call's first solo album.
HLNBio Huey Lewis and The News
A Biography, Robert Draper, 1986

Has one chapter on Clover, which can be found here.
RCHLN Record Collector
No. 100, December 1987

Article on Huey Lewis
CPW Cream Puff War
No. 2, February 1993

Article with strong focus on The Outfit - Ciambotti's band before he joined Clover.

Additions/Comments can be found at the end of the article.

NewslineII NewslineII
Issue #19, Fall 1999

CLOVER to HLN, article on Clover and Huey Lewis by photographer Ralph Merzlak.
Classic Rock Classic Rock
#59, November 2003

Huey Lewis on HLN, Clover, Bob Dylan, Phil Lynott and Record Company Economics.


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